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Alkalive pH Stix

90 strips Best Price

Range of 4.5 - 9.0
Easier to read
Tests Urine or Saliva

Save Water & Fuel
with the Shower Saver Shut-off Valve

for only $7.95

Faucet Diverters

Intake & Outlet Hoses

pH Testers & ORP Meters

The non-chemical solution to hard water problems. More plumbers are recommending the Magnetizer instead of water softeners.


Customers with rain water or well water should consider installing a pre-filter.

Who is hiding in your water?

All-In-One Test Kit
to check for
Hardness Level

When You Simply Don't Trust Your Tap Water

Use the Flojet Pump

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New & Improved
Replacement Cartridge Filters
For All Enagic® (Kangen Water™), Toyo, IE, & Ange
Alkaline Water Ionizers


Made in the USA

For Enagic Kangen Water™ Machines Made Before 1/1/2011




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For Enagic Kangen Water™ Machines Made After 12/31/2010 HG-N




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All Water Ionizer Replacement Cartridge Filters

These filters represent a quantum leap over the filters that come with the existing line up of Toyo, IE Series or Leveluk (Kangen Water) ionizers. They are made right here in the United States and with higher quality filtration media than the filters coming from Japan. We feel confident that if you try one of these filters, you WILL NOT want to ever use your old filter again!

These filters are manufactured using a proprietary process with FDA compliant materials. The materials and components used in these filters are certified by NSF International against NSF standard 61. The components used for chlorine, VOC and TOC reduction are based on laboratory testing conducted using test protocol contained in NSF standards 42 and 53 respectively.

Notice To Owners of Kangen Water Ionizers from Enagic.
Recently, Enagic has started to recall many Leveluk water ionizers to retrofit them with a new filter bed, so that the machine will not be able to accept non-Enagic replacement filter cartridges. We believe that this move is only intended to restrict the use of any other filter, and effectively force you the consumer to buy filters from only Enagic. It's like Ford Motor company saying you can only use our tires on your car, and then jack up the price of their tires. There is absolutely no other reason for them doing this. Also, if you have sent your machine into Enagic for any reason during this year (2011) check to see if they changed the filter base in your machine before placing your order. Otherwise, the filters listed on this page will work in your Leveluk brand machine. Our USA manufacturer, has already started to design filters to fit the new filter base being installed by Enagic, and we will soon have those filters available. It is clear that Enagic have responded with this change because of the enormous popularity of our filters which are made with top quality FDA approved ingredients, right hear in the USA. There is no question that our filters are of the highest quality and customers are discovering this everyday. If you are not sure about any of this please give us a call.

Quick Filter Comparison Chart

New AF-9000 Replacement Filters

High Performance

Premium Performance

Ultra Performance

Carbon Type

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Micron Rating

5 Micron

2 Micron 0.5 Micron
Chlorine taste and odor reduction
High VOCs (household chemicals, pesticides) reduction
High TOCs (herbicides, detergents, fertilizers, industrial chemicals) reduction
98% Heavy Metals (lead, mercury, nickel, etc) reduction
99.95% Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, reduction
Filter Capacity 3,000 gallons 3,000 gallons 3,000 gallons

These cartridge filters work in all the following alkaline water ionizers from
Toyo, Enagic (Kangen Water™ brand), Sanastec, Impart Group's IE series water ionizers, Nippon Intek Ange

Enagic Leveluk Brands Impart Group (IE Series) Toyo Apex

SD501 DXII Sunus IE-900 IE-500 IE-300 Pure Porte II Protec Ange

Sanastec Kangen Machines
Lotus King TYH-303 Lotus Alpha ATX-503E Protec ATX-501 Venus_TYH-33

HIGH Performance Removal Cartridge Filter AF-9000HP
• 5 micron rating
• High capacity chlorine and odor reduction
• High chemical absorptive capacity
• High VOC and TOC reduction
• Made in the USA. 

For Kangen Water™ Leveluk machines made before 1/1/2011  - older models

$85.00 - Older

For Kangen Water™ Leveluk machines made after 12/31/2010 - newer models

$85.00 - Newer

International Shipping Information

PREMIUM Performance (LEAD & MERCURY) Removal Filter AF-9000PP
• 2 micron rating
• High capacity chlorine and odor reduction
• High chemical absorptive capacity
• High VOC and TOC reduction
• 98% reduction of lead and mercury .
• Made in the USA.

This filter may require a pre-filter installed
For Kangen Water™ Leveluk machines sold before 1/1/2011  - older models

$115.00 - Older

For Kangen Water™ Leveluk machines sold after 12/31/2010 - newer models

$115.00 - Newer

International Shipping Information

ULTRA Performance  Cartridge Filter AF-9000UP

• 0.5 micron rating
• High capacity chlorine and odor reduction
• High chemical absorptive capacity
• High VOC and TOC reduction
• 98% reduction of lead and mercury
• 99.95% Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, reduction
• Made in the USA.

This filter may require a pre-filter installed

For Kangen Water™ Leveluk machines made before 1/1/2011  - older models

$135.00 - Older

For Kangen Water™ Leveluk machines made after 12/31/2010 - newer models

$135.00 - Newer

International Shipping Information

Electrolysis CLEANING Cartridge Filter AF-9000CC

Simply use the cleaning cartridge once every 3-6 months to keep your ionizer at optimum performance or more frequently depending on your source water quality. This filter is a special blessing for anyone with an older water ionizer such as the Pure Porte II. It represents an effective way to clean the inside of your water ionizer. However sometimes your system might still need to be professionally cleaned. This filter is only for older model Kangen Water Ionizers made before 2011. For more information click Cleaning Cartridge Instructions

If you think your system needs to be professionally cleaned we have made it simple for you. The cost of $85.00 covers the cost to clean and inspect your machine. Should parts and repairs are needed, we will let you know before anything is done. You would also need to collect return shipping. You might want to consult with us to help you make a decision. 

CLEANING Cartridge



Professional Cleaning


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All Water Ionizer Replacement Cartridge Filters

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