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The New Standard In Juicers

The Hurom "Slow" Juicer

When You Feel Too Lazy To Exercise 

Just lay on your back and let The Chi Energizer do it for you

Blast Allergies Away

with the
Wein Air Supply Personal Air Purifier

Shouldn't You Get
Cellular Headset

Is Fluoride in your water?

Get a Fluoride Prefilter

Stem Cell Nutrition

Powerful Stuff!

100% Kosher
100% Vegetarian
300% More Energy


Earth's Most Nutrient Rich Food!


Food Your Cells Can Eat

Denta Care Heavy Metal Mouth Wash

Protection from mercury in your amalgam fillings  
DentaCare Mouth Wash

WaterPik Ultra 100

WaterPik Ultra WP-450

Cell Phone adiation

Never put that phone to your head without WaveShield protection

Are You Acidic? Check It With pHion pH Strps

The Best pH Test Paper


Saves Energy  &
Blocks Harmful EMF

Q-Link Products

Protect You From EMF

When you can't afford an alkaline water ionizer, but you need to get alkaline...

Get Alkalife!

Works Like A Water Softener

The Best Non-chemical solution to hard water problems
Softer Water Effect
Retain Healthy Minerals
Reduce Scale buildup
Easy Installation
$0.00 Maintenance

Best Price

Save Water & Fuel
with the Shower Saver Shut-off Valve

for only $7.95

Far Infrared Mats

Far Infrared Suits & Wraps

Far Infrared Sauna Wraps

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Portable FIR Sauna

Infrared Healing Lamp

Healthy Cows Eat Nothing But Grass

Now its your turn!
pHion Green
Concentrated Organic
Wheat grass Juice
Barley grass Juice
Oat Grass Juice
Alfalfa Juice
and Spirulina

Other pHion Products:
pHion Alkaline Booster
pHion Alkaline Minerals
pHion Detoxification
pHion Colon Cleanse
pHion Silvagen
pH Test Strips

Water Filtration Products

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Impart Group:


LIFE Ionizers:


KYK Ionizers:




   Tyent Ionizers:

7070 Turbo

Chanson Ionizers:


What is Alkaline MicroWater?
What's the Difference?
Alkaline Water Research
Alkaline Health Books
Uses of Acid Water
Uses of Alkaline Water
Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaline Water Ionizer Replacement Filters
IEC-8000 Filter Cartridge
Biostone .1 & .01 Filters
Pure Porte II filter
Panasonic PJ-A3AH Filter

Kangen Water Filters

ND-145/155 NDF-01A Filter

Tyent Cartridge Filters

KYK Genesis Cartridge Filters

KYK Harmony Cartridge Filters

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridges
and more..

Pre-filters & Housings

Fluoride Prefilter
Calcite Mineral Filter
and more...

Diverters & Hoses

Microwater ND Faucet Diverter

Pure Porte II Faucet Diverter

Jupiter Faucet Diverter

Hoses and more ...

Other Water Filters
pHresh Portable Alkalizer Ionizer
Portable Water Ionizers
Katadyn Water Purifiers

Countertop Water Filters
Undersink Water Filters
Faucet Water Filters
Reverse Osmosis
and more ...

Shower Filters

Rainshower CQ-1000
Crystal Quest Shower Filter
and more ...

Bath & Pool Filtration

Crystal Bath Ball Filter and Replacement Pouch
Floatron Solar Pool Ionizer
Turbo SPA Massager/Jacuzzi
and more...

Whole House Filters

Compact Sized Water Filters
Mid Sized Water Filters
Full Sized Water Filters
and more

Flojet Water Pump

Testing Kits & Meters

Alkaline Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Test Kit
Fluoride/Chlorine Test Kit
pHion pH Test Stixs
and more...

Health Books

Reverse Aging
Alkalize or Die
pH Miracle For Diabetes
Alkaline MicroWater Research

Powerful Magnets

Hard Water Magnetizer
Pool & Spa Magnetizer
Engine Magnetizer

Pain Relief Bio-Magnets
and more ...

Air Filtration Products

Ultra Pure Air Purifiers

Air Shield 9-Stage Air Purifier

Multi-Pro 3800 Air Purifier
and more

Wein Personl Air filters

Wein Personal Air Purifier
Wein AutoMate Car Air Filter
and more

The Best Juicers

Omega, Champion, Hurom, Breville, and more

Nutritional Supplements

Alkaline Boosting

Alkalife Alkaline Drops
Alkalife Drops
pHion Alkaline Booster
and more

Weight Loss Products

CELLFOOD Weight Loss
and more ...

Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood DNA/RNA
Cellfood SAM-e
Cellfood Silica
and more ...

Colloidal vs Angstrom
Complete H2O Minerals
Complete H2O Minerals Balanced Life
Balanced Life
Calcium, Magnesium Selenium, Silver, Zinc
and more...

Kosher & Vegetarian Vitamins
Freeda Kosher Vitamins
Vitamin D
Vitamin B1 B2 B6 B12
Vitamin C
and more..

Colon Cleanses Plus
Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1
Dr. Schulze's Formula 1
and more ...

Herb Pharm
Herbal Extracts

Herb Pharm Extract
Super Echinacea
Male Sexual Extracts
Female Herbal Extracts
and more ...

Powerful Superfoods

E3 RenewMe Blend
and more ...

Amazing! StemEnhanceSE2


Adult Stem Cell Enhancer

E3Live Blue Green Algae Products
E3Live Frozen Blue Green Algae
E3Live Fresh Frozen
E3AFA Powder & Capsules
E3Live BrainOn
and more..

Rich Distributing
Pure MSM

Rich MSM Powder
Rich MSM Powder
Rich MSM Capsules
and more...

Digestive & Systemic Enzymes

Vitalzym Systemic Enzyme
E3 Enzyme Supreme
and more ...

Heavy Metal Removal Products
Bio-Chelat DentaCare Mouth Wash
Bio-Chelat Oral Chelation
DentaCare Mouth Wash
Heavy Metal Test Kits

Acupeds Detox Foot Pads

and more...

EMF Protection Products

Q-Link SRT-3 Jewelry
Blocks EMF•Anti Stress
Sharpens Mental Focus

Q-Link Pendants
Q-Link Pet Pendants

Q-Link Bracelets

and more...
Cell Phone Radiation Protection
RF3 Radiation Free Headset
Energy Saver &
Powerful EMF Blocker

Reduce Electric Bill & EMF Pollution
finds your
"Dirty Electricity"

EMF Power Strip

Pain Relief Products

Pain Relief Bio-Magnets

Knee pain relief
Back pain relief
Carpel Tunnel
and more..

Emergency Products

Emergency Supplies

Katadyn Water Filters

Masks and Respirators
Emergency First Aid Kits
and more...

Exercise & Conditioning

Exercise/Massage Equipment

Chi Machine
Leg Master

Whole Body Vibration

Far Infrared Products

Far Infrared Mats & Wraps

Vita-Mat & Jade Mats
And more ...

Far Infrared Heating Lamps

Infrared Healing Lamp
And more ...

Far Infrared Saunas

Sauna Domes
And more ...

Far Infrared Heaters

Eden Pure Infrared Heaters
And more ...

Beauty Products

Skin Care Products

Rich MSM Lotion

Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion

and more...

Hygiene Products

WaterPik Oral Irrigator

WaterPik Ultra WP-100

Cordless WaterPik 450
Sensonic Toothbrush
Toothbrush Sanitizers

Steribrush™ Cup Sanitizer
Steribrush™ Family Sanitizer

Steribrush™ Travel Sanitizer

Healthy Gifts

Healthy Gift Ideas
Sleep Aids

Mindfold Sleep Mask
Acurest Snoring Relief
and more
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Dental Care & Hygiene Products
WaterPik Ultra WP-100 (Water Flosser)
WaterPik Cordless Ultra WP-450

"Bring Your Dentist Home" "The evolution of flossing"

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Did you WaterPik today?

Waterpik solved my bleeding gum problem. I had a problem with bleeding and it bothered me to no end. A friend of mine said why don't you get the WaterPik. It took me about a year before I finally got around to it, but when I did it was awesome. The first time I used it my gums bled like never before. I waterpiked, it seems for hours that day; I just didn't want to stop. There was bleeding. The next day when I brushed my tooth - no bleeding except a little towards the end. I waterpiked again and there was very little bleeding. Now my gums don't bleed. The improvement was dramatic and fast. What really got me going on the WaterPik is learning about how periodontal disease increases the risk of an heart attack.  We have also learned that treating gum disease improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. I realized that their was more to bleeding gums than what meets the eye. I had to get this. We at MicroWaterWoman.com feel that every household should have a WaterPik. I love it, and my boys are ecstatic. All they want to do is WaterPik.

Study Proves WaterPik Removes Plaque and Reduces Gum Disease by 93%

In a recent clinical study at the University of Southern California Center for Biofilm, the WaterPik Dental Water Jet was found to remove 99.9% of Plaque in 3 seconds. Dr. Bill Costerton, the foremost Biofilm expert was impressed with the results - some quotes from the research include>

  • "The results were almost impossible for me to believe"

  • "We stacked the deck heavily against the WaterPik"

  • We had built up plaque, 4 day plaque, built on top of old plaque. Calcified plaque"

  • "You apply the WaterPik to plaque on the surface of a tooth...and it's gone."

  • It is simply gone. And that is unequivocal and unarguable"

The WaterPik oral irrigators has been proven to do its wondrous job with just plain old fashion water. They have been clinically proven to be 93% more effective than flossing at reducing gum disease. The study measured reduction in gum bleeding and inflammation after 28 days. Measures showed improvements from 40%-93%. You can expect healthier gums in just 14 days! The Waterpik:

  • Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below gum line where brushing alone will not reach

  • Massages gums to make them strong and healthy

  • Ideal for cleaning around braces and other dental work

However if you have one of our super acidic IE-900 Microwater ionizers you will be in for a treat. Just add the super acid water to your Waterpik reservoir. Super acid water itself kills germs; now you can blast those gingivitis suckers away with your WaterPik. If you don't have the IE-900 and you feel that you just want to boost your water up a notch you can add your most honored mouthwash or white vinegar to your water.

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 WaterPik Oral Irrigators


WaterPik Ultra Oral Irrigator  - WP-100
Is now called WaterPik Water Flosser. The WaterPik Ultra is feature rich. It is compact, has a quieter design, 10 pulsating pressure settings, and eight jet tips. Customers love the new slick design that is sure to enhance look of any bathroom. Click on the WaterPik Ultra WP-100 for more details



Read Delayed Shipping Notice


WaterPik Ultra WP-450 Cordless Dental Jet is a push-button dual pressure control system with low for sensitive gums, high for deep cleaning. Click on WaterPik Ultra WP-450 for more details.



WaterPik Sensonic Toothbrush provides state-of-the-art sonic technology for powerful yet gentle plaque removal. It has an ergonomic handle design and bristle speed 25% faster than other sonic toothbrushes. Click on WaterPik Sensonic Toothbrush for more details



WaterPik Accessories


Whitening Flosser Replacement Tips include 30 power flosser replacement tips, each coated with whitening agent to brighten teeth where toothbrushes can't reach. These mint flavored tips help freshen breath while you floss and whiten. For use with whitening flosser models  FLW-110, FLW-310, and FLA-220.
Model # FTW-01



These tips allow you to share your Waterpik with the rest of the family


JT-100E Waterpik® Dental Water Jet tips. These tips effectively reduce plaque and improves gum health! Cleans between your teeth and deep below the gumline while your gums are massaged to make them strong and healthy. Two color-coded WP-100 Ultra Jet Tips per package (Color of tips may vary. Previously model JTR-2)



PP-100E Ultra Pik Pocket® Tips. This special tip gently delivers therapeutic rinses into gum pockets. This set includes two color-coded Pik Pocket® Tips per package (Color of tips may vary). They fit the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet WP-100, Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jets WP-450, and WP-360



TB-100E Ultra Toothbrush Tips. Now you can brush and waterjet at the same time for that for that amazingly clean and fresh sensation. This set includes Two toothbrush tips per package (Previously model BTR-2). These great toothbrush tips fit the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet WP-100, Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jets WP-450, and WP-360.



OD-100E Ultra Orthodontic Tips are specially designed to clean around braces and dental work. With a unique shape, this orthodontic tip gently, but effectively, cleans hard-to-reach places like the brackets for braces. The water flows through the bristle tip to rinse away debris while cleaning around braces, implants, bridges and other dental work. Two color-coded jet tips per package (Color of tips may vary. Previously model OBR-2) These tips fits the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet WP-100, WP-450, and WP-360



Read Delayed Shipping Notice


TC-100E Ultra Tongue Cleaners. Now an effective way to improve bad breath with the tongue cleaner tip that is specially designed to remove bacteria that causes bad breath. 70% of mouth odor is caused by bacteria on the hard-to-reach back area of the tongue. The contoured spoon shape traps and removes bacteria that causes bad breath. This patented design provides pulsating sprays that wet the tongue and sweep away bacteria. Two color-coded tongue cleaners per package (Color of tongue cleaners may vary; formerly model TCR-2) These tips fits the Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet WP-100, Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jets WP-450, and WP-360.



JT-450E Ultra Cordless Jet Tips Using these Waterpik® dental water jet tips is easier and more effective than floss for reducing plaque and improving gum health. This high pressure jet tip cleans between your teeth and below the gumline while your gums are massaged to make them strong and healthy. This set includes Two high pressure jet tips. Waterpik Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-450, and The Cordless Water Jet WP-360.


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WaterPik Cordless Dental Jet WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser WaterPik Sensonic Toothbrush Cup Style Toothbrush Sterilizer Steribrush™ Family Toothbrush Sanitizer Steribrush™ Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer


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