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Alkalife® Alkaline pH Drops

$26.95 ea.

Prices as low as $22.00 ea. Click here

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AlkaLife® is the premier alkaline boosting drops on the market today. Many are trying to match the effectiveness of this patented formula, but Alkalife® is by far the reigning champion. AlkaLife® is an inexpensive way of making alkaline water. Simply add two drops of AlkaLife® drops in tap water or store bought spring water to produce alkaline water. For the best results however, add AlkaLife® drops to alkaline Microwater (which has no acid minerals). Customers have called in with some amazing stories of what Alkalife have either done for them or people they know. While you would still benefit from the minerals in Alkalife, please note that it may be difficult for Alkalife to raise the Ph of distilled water. If you do not have alkaline Microwater, we suggest using store bought spring water with Alkalife®. Start using AlkaLife® slowly, gradually building up your daily usage to 10 drops a day.


Patented ingredients are: Ionized water, Potassium and Sodium Minerals in Hydroxide form (in a proper and healthy ratio of the two minerals). AlkaLife® comes in a 1.2 oz bottle and lasts approximately 2 months when consumed 10 drops a day.

Why Use AlkaLife® with Alkaline Microwater

There is no one better equipped to answer this question than the inventor of Alkalife, Sang Whang. Therefore presented below you will find an article titled Water Ionizer and AlkaLife written by Sang Whang. In this article Sang Whang points out that the primary alkalizing mineral in ionizer (Microwater) water is calcium and to a lesser degree magnesium. Adding Alkalife to ionized (alkaline Microwater) will supply the other two alkalizing minerals Potassium and a lesser amount of sodium in the most optimum proportion for human utilization. An additional important point he also makes is that Potassium will free up calcium that had been bonded to acids so that they can be returned to reinforcing the skeletal system, and calcium other vital functions. For a complete and detailed explanation you can read the full article below. We have also made it possible for you to read some key quotes from Sang Whang's and Dr. Theodore Broody's books on the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Click here for more info.

Water Ionizer and AlkaLife®

By Sang Whang

In tap water, there are alkaline minerals and acid minerals; alkaline minerals are positively charged and acid minerals are negatively charged. A water ionizer converts regular tap water into alkaline water and acid water by electric separation means.

In the ionizer, there are two chambers with opposite polarity electrodes. Alkaline minerals in the positive electrode chamber migrate into the chamber with negative electrode; the positive electrode repels positive charges and the negative electrode attracts positive charges. As these positively charged alkaline minerals enter the negative electrode chamber, they combine with hydroxyl ions (OH-) in H2O, kicking out hydrogen ions (H+). These hydrogen ions then travel to the negative electrode and give up their positive charge and become electrically neutral hydrogen molecule (H2).

The opposite process takes place with acid minerals. Acid minerals migrate into positive electrode chamber and combine with hydrogen ions (H+) in H2O, kicking out hydroxyl ions (OH-). These hydroxyl ions then travel to the positive electrode, lose negative charge and become water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). In the ionizer, oxygen gas is released from the acid water chamber and hydrogen gas is released from the alkaline water chamber. Both chambers remain electrically neutral.

Alkaline water created by a water ionizer is relatively acid free and, depending upon the alkaline mineral content of the tap water and the setting of the ionizer, the pH value of the alkaline water can range from 8.5 to 10.5. The main alkaline minerals of tap water are calcium and a small amount of magnesium.

AlkaLife® is a trademark registered alkaline concentrate designed to turn ordinary drinking water into strong alkaline water with a high pH value similar to that of alkaline water made by a water ionizer. AlkaLife® does not eliminate acid minerals in the original drinking water; it simply adds more alkaline mineral hydroxides to increase the pH value of the water. However, as long as both types of alkaline water have the same pH value, the number of hydroxyl ions (OH-) in them is the same. These hydroxyl ions will be looking for the same number of acid radical, hydrogen ions (H+), in the body to reduce the body's acidity.

The patented ingredients in AlkaLife® are potassium hydroxide (KOH = K+ + OH-) and a lesser amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH = Na+ + OH-) in the proper ratio so as not to upset the ratio of potassium and sodium minerals in the human body. As stated, the predominant alkaline minerals are potassium and sodium. In the pecking order of ion exchange of the four alkaline minerals in water, potassium is the strongest, next is sodium, then calcium, and the last is magnesium. Stronger minerals can replace weaker minerals, but not the other way around.

For example, sulfur in food creates sulfuric acid. Since sulfuric acid is dangerous to the human body, the body robs calcium from the skeleton and combines it with the sulfuric acid to form sulfate, a weaker acid salt that doesn't dissolve well. Calcium or magnesium cannot kick out calcium from sulfate, but potassium or sodium can, thus releasing calcium back to the skeleton. Sulfuric acid combined with potassium or sodium is more soluble for the kidneys to process and discharge.

Potassium and sodium are better than calcium or magnesium in reducing sulfate, urate, phosphate, and other acidic salts. Webster defines uric acid as "a white colorless crystalline substance found in  urine, being one of the products of nuclein metabolism. It is nearly insoluble in water, alcohol, and ether, but soluble in solutions of alkaline salts." Here also, potassium will work better than calcium. Many people reported relief from gout (which is caused by uric acid) after drinking alkaline water. My observation indicates that those people who drink alkaline water made by adding AlkaLife experienced faster relief from gout.

The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, Canadian or Mexican health authorities . The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

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